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Together By My Side, LLC, Pet Service Together By My Side, LLC, Pet Service Together By My Side, LLC, Pet Service

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  At Together By My Side, LLC we understand that your pet, just like your family, is both special and unique and should be treated as such. Our goal is to be an extension of your family by keeping a consistent, loving environment for your pet while you are gone. By taking our cues from you, getting a detailed history of your pet as well as his or her daily schedule, we can best reduce your pet’s stress, loneliness and boredom while you are away from home. Fully insured and bonded, we are a proud member of Pet Sitters International.  Together By My Side, LLC looks forward to exceeding your expectations!!!  As proud pet parents, as well as lovers of all animals, we understand that the unconditional love we receive from our animals is a vital component to any family, and a relationship we hold very close to our hearts.  






  • GPS Dog Walking - $25 for 30 min./$45 for 60 min. *$5 for each additional pet 
  • Pet Sitting -  $25 for 30 min./$45 for 60 min. *$5 for each additional pet 
  • Overnight Stays - Starting at $75 per day (approximately 8pm - 8am the next morning, pet never left alone more than 6 hours).

*$15 fee for each additional pet



  • Pet Concierge - Starting at $30 per 30 min. *Please inquire about additional mileage costs.
  • General Obedience Training - Starting at $50 per 30 minute session.
  • Puppy Socialization - Starting at $30 per 30 minute session.






Phone:  203.427.8383

We are currently servicing most of Fairfield County.


remy and bogey!

  I have known Marnie for well over a decade. She was one of the founding members of the Committee which built the new animal shelter for the Town of Easton. She has also parented, fostered and volunteered with the full spectrum of animals (most of them being rescues). Her unconditional love for her own animals as well as the welfare for all animals are second to none. 

- Kelly Fitch, Easton Animal Control Officer  


   Marnie and Thomas have been caring for our two beloved Golden Retrievers and we could not be more pleased. They are extremely caring, very professional and provide regular communications on how the dogs are doing. When they come to walk the dogs, they spend lots of time playing with them or taking them on long walks. Recently we also had them begin training the dogs to walk properly on leash, and they have made incredible progress in a short time. We highly recommend Marnie and Thomas – two wonderful people who deeply care about dogs and their customers.

 -Patty and Kenn, Redding, CT 

  It is my pleasure to review and endorse TOGETHER BY MY SIDE PET SERVICE. Marnie and Thomas are consummate professionals. They are bonded and insured. The contract and information documents reflect careful legal consultation. How reassuring! Marnie and Thomas are consistently responsive, responsible and reliable. They will never fail you and your pet! At an initial meeting with new clients, you will be asked to provide detailed information about your pet’s behavior and care. At that first meeting, they will make every effort to create a bond with your pet. They treat every pet as if he or she is their very own and provide written information about each visit. We have NO concerns about the safety of our pets and home. Finally, I feel confident that you will be delighted that you found Marnie and Thomas and will not hesitate to refer them.  

-N.M., Easton, CT 


I have been looking for a long time for someone I could trust with my babies. When I meet Marnie and Tom I knew right away they were perfect for me and my dogs. They are wonderful people!

-Susan Deacon Citarella, Easton, CT

 Years ago when Marnie and I both lived in California I had a job that required me to fly out of town for 2 weeks a month. It was excruciating to leave my sweet American Eskimo pup behind, but worrying about her well-being was never an issue, because I knew Marine would treat her like her own. And indeed she did. Marine is one of those few people whose compassion and love for animals and dogs specifically goes beyond the usual. She adores them. Her reserve of love for dogs and other pets is bottomless. I have no doubt she would put herself in harm's way to protect an animal, whether it be from a threatening coyote or an abusive human. She's really remarkable. You could not find a more trustworthy and loving human to take care of your babies. I wouldn't hesitate for an instant hiring her again. If only she were closer! 

-Kelly Kelley, Mission Viejo, CA

 We loved having Marnie cat-sit for us! She is the best! All we asked Marnie to do was feed our cat, change her water, and change her litter while we were on a trip. She went above and beyond by playing with our cat daily, sending pictures and videos, bringing her toys, and making sure she was not just alive and fed, but also happy. Every other time we have gone on a trip our cat has caused some kind of mischief, but this time when we went away Marnie was so attentive to our cat's needs she did not destroy anything! It was as if our cat didn't notice we were gone. We will definitely use Together By My Side's services in the future when we go out of town. We had a wonderful experience working with them. 

-Rachel K., Easton, CT

 Marnie & Tom are true dog whisperers! Our highly opinionated Australian Cattle Dogs love them as much as we do, and even after long hikes on muddy trails, our furbabies come home cleaner than they left here! Highly highly recommend! 

-Adrienne B., Easton, CT

 I have been blessed with Thomas and Marnie! I own 3 dogs and I am extremely particular about their care. When I met Thomas and Marnie, I learned how meticulous they are about caring for my dogs and my home. Their attention to detail is more than comforting. When Thomas is in my home, he is constantly communicating updates with pictures and a great app called Doggy Logs. I am so relieved to know that Thomas loves my dogs as much as I do and I am so excited to know that I can go away on vacation knowing my home and my (canine) family are loved and in loving, responsible hands. 

-Melanie S., Scarsdale, NY

 My dog Halley doesn’t love everybody but she adores Thomas and Marnie! That was the deciding factor for us. On top of that, Thomas and Marnie are able to accommodate our schedule. They communicate well and send photos of our pup. I couldn’t ask for more. 

-Patty C., Westport, CT

 They are reliable and awesome! 

-Deidre McC., Easton, CT

 I worked with Marnie when we volunteered to help get a new shelter built in her home town. Marnie was passionate about making sure this shelter was built. This was a multi-year project that showed how her love of animals translates to more than just lip service. I would trust that if Marnie and her team were caring for your little ones, they would be in loving hands. 

-Chris P., Louisville, KY

 I  couldn't recommend this business more highly! I used Marnie and Tom took take care of a mama cat and her four young kittens that I was fostering. I am so happy I used them. Marnie and Tom came over twice a day and did a fantastic job with both the cat and her kittens. They changed her litter, cleaned up her messy litter mess, fed mama, made sure mama was feeding the kittens, cleaned kitten bottoms, and played with everyone. They emailed me updates, and sent pictures. They were fantastic and I will use them again next time I go away. 

-Allison M., Easton, CT

 I can't say enough of about Marnie and Tom.  The most caring, skilled, and compassionate people in the business!  I leave our dog with them with the upmost confidence and know that she will be happy and very well taken care of!  Thanks guys for all you do! 

-Lisa S., Fairfield, CT

When our daughters begged and pleaded for us to get a puppy, my husband and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Thank goodness for Thomas! Not only did he take great care of Toby while my husband and I were working, he also helped with his general obedience training. Together By My Side even provided us with a “Puppy Starter Kit,” which included age appropriate toys and treats. If you get a new puppy, and you ever need help, call Thomas & Marnie. They really helped with our “puppy problems.”

-Elisabeth S., Easton, CT

Meet the Team

Marnie Waiwat, Owner

Thomas Hagopian, Trainer

Thomas Hagopian, Trainer


  Born and raised in Easton, Marnie is a graduate of Joel Barlow High School and Boston University, with a B.A. in Psychology.  After living in Los Angeles and working in IT, Marnie moved back to Easton in 2003, where she Vice/Co-Chaired the committee which built the new Municipal Animal Shelter for the Town of Easton, as well as volunteered and fund-raised for local animal rescue organizations. As an advocate for animal rescue and animal rights, she believes that all animals deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.  She has cared both medically and emotionally for her own special needs and senior animals, and has helped others with their special needs pets. Having shared her life with dogs, cats, horses, Guinea pigs, parakeets and snakes (just to name a few, though not all at the same time!!!), Marnie understands that the bond between human and animal is ancient, complex and strong.  She hopes that she has had as much of a positive impact upon the lives of her animals as they have had upon hers. 

Thomas Hagopian, Trainer

Thomas Hagopian, Trainer

Thomas Hagopian, Trainer



Thomas grew up in Redding and attended Joel Barlow High School.  After graduating from Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Business Administration, he re-located to San Diego to pursue a career in finance. The loss of a close family member to cancer in 2013 changed Thomas’ perspective on life.  He realized that “giving back” was far more rewarding and important than “getting,” and decided to change his career path.  Due to his experience working as a veterinary technician during college, as well as the unconditional love and joy that his own dog had brought into his life, he decided that his true calling was to work with animals. Thomas is a certified graduate of the Animal Behavior College, and is currently studying under several well-known local trainer/behaviorists. He  has also volunteered at several local animal shelters, helping  animals  find their “forever homes.” In addition, Thomas spends his spare time hiking with his Border Collie and advocating for cancer awareness.  He is also active member of the Easton Lions Club, one of the oldest service organization in the United States.

Lux, PR & Marketing

Cairo, Director of Security

Cairo, Director of Security


  Lux (whose full name is Antigone Lux Infinitum, since all rescue dogs deserve the names of show dogs) came to us in the summer of 2015 from a Border Collie rescue in Upstate New York.  She had been living in a cramped basement apartment in Brooklyn (no place for a working dog!) and was happy to discover the “country life” here in Easton. An avid paddler at Lake Mohegan, Lux is a well-rounded athlete.  She enjoys tennis (because of the balls), soccer (once again, the balls), football (odds are you get where we’re going with this), and basketball.  She also enjoys nose-work, hide and seek, and snacks. Lux’s beautiful soul, big heart, keen intelligence and sense of humor bring us joy each and every day.  We were blessed the day she came trotting into our lives.  

Cairo, Director of Security

Cairo, Director of Security

Cairo, Director of Security


  Cairo (a.k.a. Mixed Martial Swats) appeared in our back yard the week before Labor Day, just a few days after Lux found her “forever home” here with us.  It seems that they came as a “boxed set.” A panther trapped in a house cat’s body, Cairo is an apex predator, and the Muhammad Ali of Swatters.  He enjoys swatting (of course), mousing (at which he excels), and the occasional catnip.  When he finally settles into your lap for a well-deserved cat-nap, his soft, gentle purr makes all of your worries melt away.  

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